Wellie Boot Family Print Framed - Fred And Bo

Wellie Boot Family Print Framed

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Make a splash with this wellie boot watercolour print.

Whether you are designing for yourself or creating a gift for family or friends, this personalised print will make a beautiful addition to any home

How to order:

- choose to have bunting or no bunting

- choose how many boots you would like from the drop down menu

After you have made your purchase send us a message with the following information-

Welly one: COLOUR, NAME and ADULT or CHILD (for children please add ages so we can size the wellies correctly)

For example:

welly one: blue, Andrew, Adult

Welly two: pink, Bronnach, adult

Wely three: purple, Jared, Child age 10 etc....

Images of the different colours available lie are in the attached photos.

Printed onto 220gsm medium surface cartridge paper, mounted in a 24.5 x34.5 cm white frame.

Please note the the size of the wellie boots will slightly decrease for six or seven boots from the size in the image.

If you would like more than seven boots please message us.

credit for image to @cornercroft .