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Personalised unique QR code keyring audio file

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Are you looking for a truly original and unique keyring? With our QR code key rings you can send a message of your choice hidden in the design.

A QR code is a “quick response” code, it is a used to send information using a smart phone or tablet device camera. 

This makes a beautiful and meaningful gift for anyone whether they are tech savvy or not- to listen to the message the recipient just needs to download a QR code reader app and scan the code to listen to the message! 

So what do you need to do to purchase this?

You will need to record your message- we recorded ours using our mobile phone- the file was then saved into our google drive, you could also use Dropbox- (you need to ensure the file is saved as a public file so it can be listened to by the recipient) then send us a link to the audio file by email


you can send your audio file to us and we can save it for you- just message us for more details-