Personalised Stick people couple set of two tea light holders | Valentine's gift

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A cute set of two laser engraved tea light holders. Laser engraved with a stick figure and text on each wooden cube. Placed together they look like they are holding hands.

We can engrave any text - select from the drop down menu then message us with the details.

When .... Met .... - please supply the names required for each block- 

❤️ left hand block- when...... - let us know if you would like a male stick figure or female stick figure

❤️Right hand block- Met..... - let us know if you would like a make or female stick figure.

Choose to have a boy & girl, girl & girl or boy & boy.

Each wooden cube is painted white and comes with a tea light.

Measures 10x10x10cm

We welcome custom orders, if you would like something a little different on your set of tea light holders please message us to discuss further.